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Age Requirement: Students must be four on or before September 1 in order to enroll in this program. 

PLCA offers an all day K4 class, meeting on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (8:15-3:00 p.m.)

Four-year-old kindergarten (K4) exists to prepare children for kindergarten and in some cases give children a jump-start on learning and adjusting to school. Our goal is to provide children with a school experience that will challenge and stimulate their spiritual, mental, physical, and social development and growth. Parents are the child’s first and best teachers; therefore, it is our desire to maintain a healthy, working relationship between the home and the classroom. We pray that we can provide each child with a safe, positive, and Christian environment in which to grow, develop, and learn.

It is our desire to provide an age-appropriate, academic program for your four-year old in a positive and rewarding environment. In K4, we seek to provide a variety of exciting learning experiences that will benefit all types of learners. Skills, concepts, and processes are taught and reinforced in many ways to encourage and challenge each student. The loving, stable, and routine environment of K4 also helps children transition from the home to the school setting.



Our kindergarten classroom is an exciting place to learn while having fun. Your child will receive individualized instruction throughout the day, meeting all educational needs. Our day begins with a combined Bible class, meeting spiritual needs first.  Our phonics-based curriculum will encourage your child to learn and read all subjects at the proper learning level.


Lower Academy, Grades 1-6

These classrooms are filled with exciting learning experiences and a character-building atmosphere that encourages a love for learning and a desire to honor God. Skill-based subjects such as Math and Language Arts allow students to be placed in the skill level most appropriate for their ability. Some students may accelerate in these areas while others may need time for remediation and extra practice. We strive to reach each child at his level in order to help him make progress, gain confidence and achieve success.

In other core subjects, cooperative learning is used so that students can learn from each other and benefit from the stimulation and interaction that a group environment brings. Teachers use creativity and proven strategies that appeal to various learning styles.

Grades 1-6 meet M-F from 8:15 am-3:00 pm.


Upper Academy, Grades 7-12

In the Upper Academy, much emphasis is placed on godly character and the foundation of biblical truth. We desire our students to understand and analyze what they are learning, not merely memorize facts. A combination of teacher-directed instruction, cooperative learning, and personal study encourage students to develop into teachable, inquisitive, life-long learners.


The rigorous academics in the Upper Academy prepare students for further study at the collegiate level. The honors track offers a further challenge for students who have been gifted by God in a particular academic area.  Remediation is also available for students who may need foundational study in Math or Language Arts. We seek to help every student reach his God-given potential and to develop a heart that strives to pursue excellence in every area of life.

Upper Academy (Grades 7-12) meet M-F from 8:15 am – 3:00 pm.


Post Secondary Education

The Minnesota Legislature established the PSEO program in 1985 to give students an opportunity to enhance the education that they receive at their local high schools. The program gives students capable of doing college-level work the opportunity to earn postsecondary credits while completing high school graduation requirements. It is available for Juniors and Seniors who meet the admissions requirements of the institution they wish to attend.

All credits earned through PSEO are considered dual credits – they will appear on both the college transcript and the high school transcript.


The student’s grades from PSEO coursework will appear on high school transcripts. The PSEO grades will become part of the student’s GPA, as well as the valedictorian and salutatorian decision. However, only PSEO credits that are from the core curriculum of graduation requirements will figure into the valedictorian and salutatorian GPA decision, not elective credits. The core curriculum would include Social Studies, English, Mathematics, Science, and Foreign Languages. The elective credits will still be a part of the student transcript and cumulative GPA. PSEO classes will be weighted as any other high school course.


PSEO coursework is also creating a college transcript. When students apply for college admission, official transcripts must be requested by the student from the PSEO institution of attendance and sent in as part of the application process. The PSEO transcript will become part of the student’s full college transcript and will transfer with them to all colleges attended.

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